Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Here’s What You Get

- Two planned visits per year (one in spring and one in fall) to maintain maximum efficiency—to prolong the life of your system and prevent repairs due to neglect.

- Priority Customer Status. If you have problems with your systems, you’ll be at the top of our list...ahead of customers without a Preventative Maintenance Agreement!

- 10 percent discount on the cost of any repairs needed—saves you money!

  • 1 system: $189 annually, monthly payments as low as $20/month over 12 months!
  • 2 systems: $284 annually if you have two systems, monthly payments as low as 25/month over 12 months!

Here’s What Your Precision Heat*/AC* Tune-Up Includes

** Wash permanent filter or install clean filter

** Clean and test thermostat

** Test all safety controls

** Test belt and adjust tension

** Tighten loose electrical connections

** Test fan speed operations

** Test fan control

* Test temperature drop across coil

* Inspect contactor

* Inspect start and run capacitors

* Inspect and clean condensate drain

* Test compressor crankcase heater

* Test compressor time delay

* Test compressor efficiency (valves)

* Balance refrigerant charge

* Inspect evaporator coil

* Clean condenser coil

* Inspect for cracked heat exchanger

* Clean and adjust burners

* Clean and adjust safety pilot

* Test flue for proper venting

* Test for gas leaks at furnace

* Test manifold gas pressure

* Test thermocouple output

* Test temperature rise through furnace

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